Summer 2014 Update

School is over and summer is almost here! For at least a few months, I will be able to put up more content than you would ordinarily see during the school year. I am going to traveling for two weeks starting tomorrow, so any new content will not appear until July, but for now, I’d like to provide a quick round-up of what sort of posts you might see this summer.

France. I will be in France for a few weeks, and when I return, I’d like to share some aspects of my trip that are of particular interest to this blog: anything I see connected to the ancient world. One of my primary goals is to visit the Louvre; they say that it takes three or four days to see everything held within, but I’d like to focus on the excellent collection of Greco-Roman artifacts and sculptures. In the southern city of Nimes, I will be visiting the Pont du Gard, one of the best preserved Roman aqueducts, as well as the famous Maison Caree temple and other Romans ruins in the area. I will create a write-up describing my experience, and I will also provide some images taken during my trip, if possible.

Persians and the Getty Villa. Last year, I wrote a post about my experience watching the ancient Greek play Prometheus Bound at the Getty Villa near Malibu. This summer, there will be a production of the only known historically-based Greek tragedy, the Persians, about the terrible defeat of Xerxes by the Greeks at Salamis in 480 BCE and the consequences of the Persian king’s hubris. I hope to be able to attend this play, and if I do, I will definitely write a post explaining what I think about it.

Greek and Latin. I will be reviewing my Greek and Latin skills this summer. For Greek, I am going to meet up with my friend Jonathan and one of our professors to go over those parts of the Odyssey which we did not get to in class. Hopefully, we will be able to read most of books 6-12, but considering the slow pace of reading in Greek, we might not get there. I might write about some of the themes that we discuss or perhaps review the Geoffrey Steadman books that we will be using.

As for Latin, I won’t be writing anything on literature, but I will be helping Jonathan, who skipped the introductory Latin sequence, to learn Latin by using the standard text, Wheelock’s Latin. I might do a few posts regarding how it feels to be teaching a language, rather than learning one.

Game of Thrones. The fourth season has just ended, and I’d love to write a recap, review, or analysis of either the entire season or the finale, but there is simply no time now. Perhaps I will get to this later on. For now, I recommend this in-depth analysis from io9.

Other Posts. I will likely want to finish up my long series of posts about Odysseus, before moving on and creating additional content about other topics. I may dip into my pool of essays written for Classics courses, which may include historical or literary topics, or I may decide to write about something new. Stay tuned for more information.

Reading for Leisure. In addition to what I’ve listed above, I will also be reading a few books for leisure, and if they end up being interesting, I may write about them here. On the classical myth side, I will be reading some plays of Euripides, including the famously brutal Bacchae; on the modern fantasy novel end of the scale, I will be tackling the highly-recommended book by Brandson Sanderson, the Final Empire.

I also picked up this alternate history science-fiction novel, Celestial Matters, in which the Delian League of Athens, having been combined with Alexander’s conquests, wages war for 1000 years against the Middle Kingdom of China. More importantly, this story assumes that the views of the ancient Greeks regarding science are absolutely true: what would the consequences of this be when this world enters the space age?  Certainly a strange topic, so I’ll see how it goes.

That’s it for now! Enjoy your summer, everyone! See you in a few weeks for some new posts.


2 thoughts on “Summer 2014 Update

  1. Brian, I’m thinking about you starting your trip to France, and hoping you and your family have a truly memorable experience!!

  2. Brian, I have been enjoying your mom’s photos from France on facebook. Glad you are enjoying yourself, and I look forward to hearing about it when you get back!

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