End-of-Year Update

I hope everyone has been enjoying their holiday season. This is just a quick end-of-year post to update everyone on the status of this blog. You may have noticed a lack of content since the beginning of the fall, and the truth is that I have not been keeping up with the writing of new posts for this site. Schoolwork and admittedly a lack of motivation on my part has kept the blog pretty inactive these past few months. Looking to my friend Jonathan’s site as an example of a blog which has remained relatively active recently, despite his heavy load of schoolwork, I feel a greater desire now to maintain a proper schedule for my own blog.

I have finished up my series about the transformation of the hero Odysseus through the mythological tradition, with the segments about Vergil’s Aeneid and Ovid’s Metamorphoses, as well as a final wrap-up post, just being added in the last few days. Please check these posts out. I hope you enjoy them, but to be honest, these posts were based on an essay that I wrote nearly two years ago, and though the ideas contained within are still solid, I feel that my writing has improved significantly since then. With this series of posts finished, I will now be able to turn my attention to the production of new, hopefully even more exciting content for you all to enjoy.

You should be able to look forward to plenty of new content in 2015. Included may be an abridged version of my essay on Athens in Euripides’ play Medea or perhaps a summary of my paper on the role of nemesis in the Odyssey–both papers being written for the Greek literature courses I’ve taken within the past year. You might see book reviews, either on fiction I’ve read recently or texts I’ve used in class. At some point, you might see content regarding the Latin and Greek texts I am reading next quarter at Santa Clara University: the Aeneid, Vergil’s famed epic poem, in Latin, and Plato’s dialogues Crito and Euthyphro in Greek.

So that’s a preview of what I will be working on in 2015 in regard to this blog. Again, hopefully you have enjoyed the holidays, and I will see you next year with more journeys into the ancient word and further explorations of language and literature.


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