December 2015 Update – Looking to the Future

As we’re wrapping up 2015 and heading towards a new year, it’s time for an update about the status of this blog and what the future has in store.

Blog Status

First off, here’s a quick look at the content coming up in the near future:

  • I will be posting the last few parts of my series on Euripides’ Medea, as well as the final part of my series on snake images in Vergil’s Aeneid.
  • My cousin, Maithy Vu, has come out with her first book, a two-act play written in verse called Wounded Wisteria. I will be writing a review that will be up soon, but for now, please check out the book on Amazon, and also be sure to visit her website.

Beyond that, as we head into 2016, you’ll see a slight shift in content. The focus of this site will remain stories, words, and the power of literature, with an emphasis on the ancient Greeks and Romans. But the form of that content will, I hope, become more appropriate for a blog. It will be more accessible and more easily digestible. I will try to write in a succinct way that makes a bit more sense for a general audience.

While in school, it is difficult for me to consistently produce new material for this site. To compensate for that, I’ve been reworking school essays into bloggable material. The problem is that academic papers are filled with the analysis of minute details, and as a result are generally too long or too complex on a blog. Cutting up the essays into pieces doesn’t help either: I just end up posting many articles about the same thing over and over.

So, I’ve decided to re-adjust things. I won’t attempt to turn massive essays into bite-sized pieces anymore, although brief summaries might work. Instead, I’ll try to create content suitable for a blogging format and specific for this site. Things will be cleaner and easier to absorb, but I will still maintain a certain level of intellect and complexity. I’m sure you all can handle it.

The topics I discuss may become more eclectic. So far, I have written mainly about ancient literature, but focusing solely on it is restrictive, not to mention that it may start to feel esoteric and arcane if I overdo it. That is why I’ve also written a few posts about film, TV, and modern novels–to expand the scope of this site and mix things up. To show how the power of stories is as important to the modern world as it is to the ancient, I will bring in more content of that sort, which will hopefully make this site more accessible.

Finally, I have updated this website’s “About” page. I’ve removed the quotations from Robert Fagles’ translation of the Odyssey and replaced them with my own translation, since I can now read the original Greek for myself. I have added a few sections about my disability, as that is an important to who I am and why I am doing this. I’ve also fleshed out my interest in stories and the ancient world and how exactly it came about.

The Future

Right now, I am considering my options for the future, when I have earned my degree at Santa Clara University. One path I am definitely thinking about is graduate school. I’ve spent the past few years of my life learning Greek and Latin and immersing myself in the ancient writings of these languages, but I still feel as if I have not yet learned enough. It feels like I am only now getting started. So a part of me thinks that it’d almost be a waste of the knowledge I’ve gained to stop at the undergrad level. I have earned unique skills at the SCU Classics department, and I think I should try to continue making use of them.

Of course, there are other considerations to make. With my living situation and disability, will I be able to handle grad school? Which school works best in terms of geography? How far do I want to go: just an MA, or a PhD? Is teaching my goal? Right now, it looks like Stanford’s MA program is the best fit for me, but I’ll have to see what makes sense.

The deadline for applications is in December, so I will not be able to submit in time to begin a graduate program in fall of 2016. But I will be able to submit by December of 2016, so wish me luck as I begin working on my application!

Another option is to start writing a book. If were to go with non-fiction, I might write about the Odyssey or other myths and find ways to connect them to the world we live in today or my own life experiences. If I write fiction, I might attempt to write a novel of some sort, perhaps a fantasy story based on the classical world or a reinterpretation of mythical Greek material. Just some ideas.

The future is open. It is a bit nerve-racking to think about what will happen. But I have hope that no matter what happens I’ll find something positive, enjoyable, and productive to do with my knowledge, skill, and experience.


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