How Women are Reinventing Classical Greek Myths

From the Washington Post: “Women give voice to a male canon. It happens to be ancient Greek.” by Anne Midgette

Critic of classical music Anne Midgette offers her perspective on how new re-tellings and reinterpretations of ancient Greek literature by women have started to break through the silence faced by female voices in what has been the male-dominated tradition of Classical literature. She observes an intriguing difference between classical music and ancient Greek literature: whereas reworkings of classical music are often opposed on the grounds that the originals are superior, the reinterpretation of Greek literature in new forms is not thought of as a “threat” to the original text but tends to be met with greater acceptance. This may be because the ancient Greeks, when crafting their plays and epic poems, had no problems re-imagining and re-purposing their own myths.

The article contains a useful list of recent re-tellings of the Iliad, Odyssey, and Greek tragedies, for readers and theatre-goers interested in Classical literature.

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